Workshops and invited talks

Dominique Bourg (Université de Lausanne)

Which future for technologies between transhumanism and the ecologisation of society ? (talk delivered in French) Plenty of uncertainties plague talk of the future of technology, as well as of society in general. I will attempt to sketch two possible...

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Bernard Reber (Research Director, CNRS, Paris)

Innovation against Precaution : A debate from another era at the time of responsible research and innovation (talk delivered in French) At present some important social, economic and political actors, either motivated by considerations of ease, either because of...

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DEMOCRASCI – The Value-Free Ideal in Economics Workshop

3rd December 2015, 11:00 to 4th December 2015, 17:00, Senate Room, University College, Durham Organised by Julian Reiss (CHESS) and Stéphanie Ruphy (University of Grenoble) The workshop was jointly organised by the BA-funded project ‘The Value-Free Ideal in Economics’...

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