Innovation against Precaution : A debate from another era at the time of responsible research and innovation (talk delivered in French)

At present some important social, economic and political actors, either motivated by considerations of ease, either because of incomprehension or demagoguery, appeal to an innovation principle against the precautionary principle. At the same time there are also pressures, be they private or public, in favour of responsible innovation. However distinct they may be, innovation and research are often couched under the new demand expressed in the concept of ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’.

Going beyond the presentation of the aspiration towards responsible research and innovation, this talk aims at stimulating regarding certain theoretical problems specific to actual attempts of original collective deliberation between the sciences, ethics and politics : moral pluralism, ethical and political deliberation, co-dependance between ethical and scientific evaluation. Furthermore, it will seek to restore the precautionary meta-principle, as a well-understood principle with a reinforced normative force.

Venue – Time: Wednesday 14 December, 2016, 5pm – 6.30, Amphithéâtre l’Auditorium, SICD 1 (bibliothèque des sciences), 915, avenue centrale, Domaine universitaire de Saint Martin d’Hères