Venue: University of Padova

Date: 14-16 June 2018

The focal theme of this 7th STS Italia Conference is Technoscience from Below. By focusing on Technoscience from Below, the conference will be an opportunity to explore alternative co-productive paths of science, technology, and innovation from multiple theoretical and thematic standpoints.

The conference will be articulated in 5 thematic streams and 26 different tracks, focusing on several topics, including: citizens’ engagement, environmental issues, biomedical settings, big data and digital media, responsible research and innovation, design, infrastructures and co-shaping of science and technology at large.

Conference’s keynote speakers include Ulrike Felt (University of Wien), Trevor Pinch (Cornell University), Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter) and Johan Söderberg (University of Gothenburg).


  1. Participation, citizen engagement and democracy from below
  2. The shaping of biomedicine, medical expertise and healthcare from below
  3. Innovation, design and standardization from below
  4. Imaginaries, knowledge and networks from below
  5. Including and connecting from below

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