Venue: ​School of Philosophy University College Dublin

​Date: ​29-30 May, 2017


Science is ultimately a product of individual scientists with their own personal backgrounds and experiences, and there is no unique methodology to de-personalize and objectify knowledge. Social scientists, in particular, use a variety of tools for their investigations: They gather evidence from different sources, under different conditions and with different instruments. They are both the locus where different sources of evidence aggregate and also a direct source of evidence that comes in as intuitions and background knowledge. Moreover, experts act as institutional figures that act as a liaison between science and policy makers, politicians, governments, and other public domains. This workshop will focus on the philosophical, historical and sociological study of expertise in science and between science and society.

Organisers and contacts:
Carlo Martini, University of Helsinki (
Maria Baghramian, University College Dublin (
Charlotte Bease, WEXD, ​